Born in a creative houshold, I did own many different websites and blogs on all types of at those time current "obsessions", like music, series, movies, online paperdolls, and more recently beauty. After re-evaluating my life (call it a quarter life crisis) I decided that writing about superficial things wasn't my passion anymore. Instead, it felt like a mask I put on for the world outside my safe space. 

After this kind of epiphany, I changed many things in my life. I changed my approach to others, changed my mindset to a more positive one, and decided to go through many personal changes as well. My life has been a rocky road (marshmallows mandatory, of course!), and I believe the cliché "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" holds up pretty well. 

I strongly believe in creating your own best version of life by doing what you truly love doing. For me, that's making music, visiting gigs all around the globe (seriously, the UK has the best gigs!), meeting up with friends, reading, bullet journaling, travelling abroad, and not planning things. Living isn't following a set path, it is up to you what you fill your life with. 

Yes, I'm impulsive, but that's in my opinion the best way to live my life. Planning never has been my strong side, and I intend on keeping it like that. I love being in situations I couldn't imagine being in before. And let's be honest: it's the unique, weird moments that we remember the best, don't we?

My main passions are reading, music (I might be the only bass player who wanted to become one), travelling, geeky stuff, and anything (well, most things, at least) UK-related. I left my heart in the UK the first time I went there (April 2016) and came back as often as I could. I'm even thinking of moving there one day, even though I know it will be pretty tough doing so, considering the Brexit-situation. But, as a wise man once said:

"When you cease to dream, you cease to live."
- Malcolm Forbes

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